Dick's Sporting Good one day sale

Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by Martini_Up, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I went to Dicks today to pick up some steelhead jigs and they're having a unadvertised one day sale on clearance items marked with .97 and .93... 50 and 75 percent off lowest price marked. I picked up a 8wt Lamiglas fly pole for $65 (normally $180). A RedFly2 7/8/9 reel or $19. Maxima maxispool (660yds, 30#) monofilament for $13+change, some bluefox lures for .75 cents.... a lot of great deals. Better hurry if interested as the guy said it was going fast and it's today only.

    There's other stuff too, Adidas World cup soccer ball for $10. Hunting camo, arrows, some apparel.... Not guns/ammo or knives - checked that and no discount:s0114:
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    Augggg. I was right next door at the bank yesterday, thought about going into Dick's, but didn't. :-(

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