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Something I have encountered in the studies of history (not the least of which during the Big One, and the conflicts in the Interwar period) is folks having to flee bad spots. Some did so with little more than the clothes on their back, while others fared better. Transporting a store of wealth was, naturally, a common factor. Some did so with diamonds and other jewels, as a small, light, and easily hidden store of value. Going from memory, I can think of at least one in which they sewed jewels into the family's clothing and another hid diamonds in a tube of toothpaste; the latter was simply ignored by any inquiring authorities and they made it to the New World.

A reoccurring topic here and elsewhere is alternative investments, such as gold, silver, other precious metals, cryptocurrencies, et al. So I thought this topic may be germane to the discussion.

  • Have you considered diamonds or other precious stones as such a vehicle?
  • Why and in what form?
  • If not, why so?
  • Has modern technology negated anyway the utility of said?
(I have not done much of a study on gems, beyond how said intersects with the lifelong interest in the fair sex, many of whom have at least some wish for "shinnies". Many, perhaps most, interests have passed, but that one endures. Jeep-jeep.)
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I‘m first generation American as is my wife. Both sets of parents/ grandparents came from Eastern Europe just before the start of World War II. My grandfather saw what happening and planned to get his family and three brothers out. Family walked through Spain in the midst of its civil war among other adventures. Grandfather was caught and put in a detention camp in Portugal. They we’re shipping the refugees back to their home countries through Germany which would have meant a far worse camp if he even would have survived the trip. Story was my grandmother’s diamond engagement ring and mother’s diamond earrings got them out. Bribes work. So yes, I think jewels in transportable quantities are worth having. You just never know what you need.

I don’t think they are valuable now as they were then, but I also I don’t see surviving wholly like Jeremiah Johnson. Game ain’t what it was and I live on acreage bordering 200 acres of logging tracts adjacent to 33,000+ acre of Washington DNR land. So I think keeping some valuables for trade goods seems like a good idea. Ammunition and food are nice. Necessary even, but jewelry, gold, gasoline should all have value and the former is easier to carry, store or hide.

Oh and when your kids get married it’s nice to have some things to hand down and far cheaper for all involved than having to buy new.
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When using a silver bullet just won't do the job.


I can see the merit of having some capital stored in prescious stones. Strong, small, light weight, and impervious to environmental conditions. It definitely has some considerable advantages over gold or paper money.

The main problem I see is if you need to trade them. The layman will immediately think they're fakes, and not likely want to barter. Also, my gut instinct tells me that gems will take a larger hit in value than gold or silver in a shtf scenario.
I've had a few nice diamonds that I sold, and you typically gets pennies on the dollar. Very hard to sell, and the people that buy them usually have good supplies of wholesale diamonds at good prices. It is definitely not a seller's market when you're trying to sell a diamond.

That said, the guy I sold to is a jeweler, and years later got a very good deal from him on a used diamond and had him make a custom ring for my wife. I bought the diamond from him for half of appraised value, and he still made a profit on it, so it gives you an idea of the markup on diamonds.
Some gems may have value, but the quality of the stone, such as diamonds are greatly influenced by the cut, color, clarity and carat (4 Cs). The markup is quite significant too at the retail level. I wouldn't call diamonds an investment, but can be a very liquid asset, similar to a Rolex watch or other similar commodity. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium etc. can be traded with relative ease too. Interesting subject matter nonetheless.


IMHO, this should answer the question for alternative stores of value.

As of 11/24/21 we can verify the relative value of the following:
Silver trades at a spot price of $23.77 troy oz.
Gold spot price $1801.40 Troy oz.
Platinum $1008.00 Troy oz.
Bitcoin trades at $57,520 (as long as the lights stay on)
Diamond value per carot is……….well… hmmmm…….???

Yes, precious stones have value, but even diamond traders refer to it as “illusion”.
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