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DHS PDF: Countering Violent Extremism Training -- Do’s and Don’ts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DMax, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. DMax

    DMax Yamhill Well-Known Member

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    Is it any wonder why we are no longer a Nation of Winners. Our National Security is as bad as any other progressive lib policy that never works and always fails. Another example of why our founders created our 2A. With this kind of behavior coming out of the WH how can anyone with a brain see that the collaborator in chief with our enemy is not doing his elected duty and its going to be up to We the People to fix this.

    http://www.training.fema.gov/emiweb/docs/shared/cve do and dont.pdf
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  2. DuneHopper

    DuneHopper Douglas County. Well-Known Member

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    In translation what I got was , trust only non-religious groups. Only trust individuals that agree with the government or non-religious groups. Authority only matters if it comes from the federal government. Yep that about sums it up for me what I read.
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