DHS is looking to buy MILLIONS of MORE ammo

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by adjuster56, May 3, 2013.

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    It doesn't actually mean they are looking to BUY more ammo at this time. It's just a question sent to manufacturers asking what their rate of production is.

    I still find it an interesting question to ask, especially since it doesn't really say WHY they're asking this question.

    Is it because they want to ensure that they can get 2 million rounds in (Every) 30-60 days? Why the question about manufacturer's ability to replace a potential lot of 1 million bad rounds? (Do they expect bad rounds? Are these innocent questions? Or is there some ulterior motive to it? (Meaning, if you can't just order 3 million rounds in 30-60 days, maybe you can tie up manufacturers by ordering 2 million and having them RE-Make 1 million of those. Saves money and ties up more production.)

    In a time when they appear to be refusing to answer any questions themselves, I find it gutsy to go asking questions of others.

    My answer would be "I can make enough"

    I also find it upsetting that rather than selling their Once Fired brass in America, they are going to additional expense by shipping it to China.

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