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DH1 5/7/11

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by saxon, May 10, 2011.

  1. saxon

    saxon springfield Active Member

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    I already have a CHL got it in 2005 and after reading and reading and learning and seeing that
    OFA had a BHS that had half the class on the legal side,,,,,, so last yea I took BHS to learn more.

    In the last few months I have seen the world get more and more violent in the good ol USA
    So I started seeing about taking another class DH1, and a few months ago I almost had the chance but it fell through $$$$ wise (sucks being unemployed)
    Well last week I was able to sell some stuff and low and behold OFA has a spot for DH1 on 5-7
    Email Vivian and yup I get the spot yeayyyyyyyyyyy.
    So I do another refresher and get out my BHS book and guess what lol the DH1 class is on 5-7
    And the BHS class I took was on yup you guessed it 5-7 one year ago to the day.

    Arrive meet and great class starts with BHS in the class room and how
    and why OFA does train the way it does and we move out side.
    Well last year the sun came out more, this year it was a bit of liquid sunshine that
    We all know and love and at OFA bright sun or liquid sun we train so,,,,,,,,,
    Lets just say this if you think you know it all,,,, take the class
    Some of what was learned this day was
    If you have to use one hand you had better have a holster that WORKS
    If you use two hands you had better have a holster that WORKS
    Spend the extra $$ and don’t get a nice soft nylon uncle anything,
    I learned that a few years ago some today did not know till today.
    Just because you know how to use a gun does not mean you know how to use a gun to defend
    Your self or use is and be able to use it right in the event you have to defend your self.
    As always the instructors are there to help you learn we had 15 students and I believe at the most
    5 instructors, that if you raised a hand to ask a question you would have one by you within 2 seconds to see what’s up and help you out.
    OFA is a great place to learn and to ask the questions that maybe you were afraid to ask
    Or never thought to ask.
    If you are serious about CCW I would extremely suggest taking some class’s with OFA.
    The teaching and the instructors are all top notch, and you will not be disappointed.
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