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These go for $700-$800 on gunbroker without the custom grips and extra mags. Will let it go for $625 cash if someone takes it this week. I have put approx 75 rounds through her. Beautiful condition, except for some wear marks. Comes with three magazines, and beautiful custom Mammoth ivory grips.
This has been my personal carry piece for two years. Breaks my heart to sell this gem, but gotta do what we gotta do. This is one of the original Mark VI
made in Seattle, when Detonics was at their peak quality-wise. The Combat Master was the first compact 1911 ever produced.

Here is what was written about this masterpiece by Jeff Cooper:
Jeff Cooper, Guns & Ammo, 12/74

"This remarkable pistol is the smallest, lowest recoil single action .45 caliber semi-automatic in the world. The Detonics .45 is a premium quality professional tool for the serious handgun expert and combat shooter. It is capable of providing the brute force stopping power of the standard-sized .45 in a size no larger than a snub-nosed .38, or "pocket" 9mm auto. The Detonics .45 has an advanced mechanism which reduces the apparent recoil remarkably below the full-sized .45. This awesomely powerful pistol is smaller, more easily concealed, and has greater short/medium range rapid fire accuracy than any single action .45 weapon available today. This masterpiece of combat design is gaining recognition as the finest defensive handgun in the world today."

Jerry Ahern, Petersen's Handguns, 7/90

"The Detonics pistol, now in limited production and geared for full production the first of the year (1975) at Detonics .45 Associates, Seattle, is a short, compact, all-steel, single-action, single-column variation of the Browning/Colt of 1911. Various parts (slide-stop and thumb-safety assembly, magazine release, trigger, sear, disconnector, etc.) are interchangeable. While the butt is too short to include the standard seven-shot Colt magazine, such magazines are entirely functional and might be preferably carried as spares. The little gun is 6 ¾" long by 4 5/8" inches deep, and its width is exactly that of the service auto.
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