Detailed Henry 22LR Sight Mod and Range Review

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    “Made in America and Priced Right” “Load on Sunday and Shoot All Week Long” Motto’s of the Henry Repeating Arms Company describes my Henry lever action. This model is the H001 version which is the standard basic model 22 lever action with an 18inch tapered barrel and magazine tube capable of holding 15 22LR cartridges. When standing at the counter two years ago while purchasing this rifle there was two things I noticed right away. First the plastic front sight was a little to wide to fit exactly in the groove of the rear buckhorn sight, this is not a big deal as they are easily replaced. The second attention grabber was the receiver, I noticed it was made of Zamac which is zinc alloyed with aluminum, magnesium, and copper. It can’t be blued like steel, so Henry painted it to match the blued barrel. Though I gave thought right away to durability my mind was put at ease right away by the research I had done previously. Henry has a lifetime warranty, Mr. Imperato has been known to respond to emails directly and in prompt fashion. 100% made in America I can’t go wrong not to mention the many years of fun to be had and the beauty of such a historic piece.
    Detailed Henry Sight Mod and Range Review

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