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Detailed explanation of why the 45 ACP sucks in a self-defense pistol

"female orgasm isn't real"!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!

I know that there are many diehards who refuse to accept the fact that the 45 ACP cartridge is now obsolete. This is especially true of many 1911 pistol fans.

But people need to face today's facts: the 45 ACP cartridge is over 100 years old, and is clearly now obsolete. We have better alternatives that are now available.
I don't know if I would say obsolete, because there are better alternatives to every caliber in realm of handguns.

Just because something is over 100 years old, doesn't mean its no good or "clearly obsolete".

The 9mm Luger was introduced in 1902...............

Anyways, this was a very good video. I like how he still seemed to keep it pretty factual, and also stated multiple times that it was "his opinion", not some authority on handgun calibers.

Good video, and i was hesitant to watch it after reading the OP's original message.
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