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*Desert Eagle * SOLD

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by pdx8mm, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. pdx8mm

    pdx8mm Clackamas Oregon Member

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    Desert Eagle .357 for trade or sale. one of my safe queens.
    Got 5 mags FACTORY originals.. as pictured with holster
    900.00$ Trade value will be more. Got some money in this beast with mags and extras. Not gonna get every penny out of it but want a nice trade..trade with cash.. or just cash.
    Does have light holster wear on front of muzzle but over all in good shape for an earlier model stamped with it .357 on muzzle which should make it th 7 series and also is mage IMI and is all metal frame slide internals. Clean bore and nice action and nice metal mags.

    AR15 pistol 223/556 with extras ammo mags and brand straight across
    Sig 556

    Springfield Xds 9mm (NO RECALL) + 400$ might do a .45 also

    Mr. Eagle (Baby Eagle)40/9mm + 450$

    Beretta CX4 storm 9mm or .40 rifle with box mags straight trade

    RPK mags ammo quality straight across

    AK pistol tac rail lots of mags and ammo sling

    Or make some offers..
    add cash to offers that need it to equal out trade...will add more trades if I think of some.

    Oregon resident only.. none felon legal to own firearm and a basic bill of sale for our records.

    Thanks for looking Getting offers.. anyone got a cx4storm Beretta??

    Christmas is over will pull add here soon..I don't mind keeping this monster just was seeing if anyone was looking and have a trade I may consider.
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  2. Nutty4Guns

    Nutty4Guns Portland ADHD Superstar

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  3. fireninja13

    fireninja13 Newberg / Portland Metro Active Member

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    interesting. . . sending a PM.
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