Desert Eagle 9mm Magnum Research/Israeli Arms (private sale/no paper)

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Alaskashooter, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Have a "nearly new" Desert Eagle 9mm "MEDIUM FRAME" to allow for carry but not super small. black matte finish, has had exactly 2 clips fired through it when purchased for purpose of function test then saddled between my truck seat for 2 years, until today when i need the money.

    paid $525, Asking $400 obo and would prefer to sell to someone within 50 or 75 miles of Gladstone to avoid transfer hassles but not firm on that issue. includes 2 clips, case, original stickers/manuals, manufacturer cleaning brushes.

    Eagles are "heavy" all metal guns based on the CZ and are one of the most comfortable shooters on the market in this caliber. they DON'T SNAP your wrist and despite the weight, are simply awesome for female shooters. And excellent for beginners because they don't inspire "fear of the kick" tending to make people learn to "push" their shot and miss alot. I've owned 2 of these now and when my finances get settled again, i'll be paying full retail for a third.

    These guns DO NOT BREAK, there is simply too much steel to allow any warping or breakage in any situation. Call Todd, 1.907.378.8633 or post questions.

    NEW INFORMATION: thank you to the members who alerted me to the potential for violating federal transfer laws because of "residency" questions. first off, you scared the crap out'a me with that talk, lol secondly, you forced me to go check out the issue in detail. the short answer is: residency=YES/REQUIRED, Oregon ID=NO/NOT REQUIRED. In this case Federal/ATF residency definition is what matters that is found in the GCA 27 CFR 178.11: MEANING OF TERMS (178.21 example 2) and also ATF Rul. 80-21

    So then... GUN-FOR-SALE! (had 6 contacts on this gun in the first day, halted the sale to clear this issue, Member "Igor" is at the front of the line with one snag to overcome. if he cannot, then i will go to the next on list.) I will close ad as soon as gun sells, thanks all for you legitimate concerns!

    Thanks guys (these pics r not working right but watever)
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