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Aloha, Mark

PS....It's just a meme. I have not confirmed that she actually said it.
Sounds just like something that would come out of her mouth. If she did not use those exact words I am sure she came close. Funny how people like her suddenly fell blindly in love with Fed Police like the FBI though. :confused:
You know what is really sad? That so many are shocked hearing things like this from those in charge. This should just be "normal" but, now days this is considered shocking by so damn many.
I would argue that what should be considered "normal" is a law that activates during a natural disaster situation that makes it legal to use deadly force against looters.

But I'm kinda old school and also think we should bring back hangings in the public square. And ok, what we REALLY should do is have both a gallows and a guillotine in the public square and the crowd gets to choose which one is to be used on any particular given day.

Pencil in Cabo in 2024. I've got a great plan for dealing with our illegal immigration problem too. And a term limit plan for how we help clean up the mess that our politicians have become. :)

Edit: I should edit myself. That's inappropriate. o_O

Hypnotize them all into thinking they are suicide bombers... drop them in the Mojave with a vest and tell them to go practice?

Oops... was that my outside voice??

Like here?


Aloha, Mark

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