Deputy Admits Armored Vehicles for Use Against “Constitutionalists” with Guns

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by SX200, Dec 17, 2014.

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    If they're stupid enough to go toe to toe with true patriots they are the enemy, not us.

    You would "think" they would stand down and ignore unconstitutional orders.. But some men can be bought.. This is why I dont trust PD when it comes to our rights,
    Willing to trample ours for a paycheck.
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    When defending yourself against tyranny, who exactly do you think it's going to be?
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    & they have been calling me a cop hater for years.....hahahahaha
    but I am NOT ALONE ANY LONGER . I’m euphoric the whole damned country is waking up to this militarization against its own people and the mean streak objective to put everyone in prison...because it pays!

    Privatisation of the prison system is yet another a scam on the public.
    I mean really .....when you boil it down ....wall street bets on how many will go to prison over our civil disenchantment!
    law enforcement needs to be dismantled and go back to "Peace Officers"
    instead of the citizen haters they have become...they used to work for us we pay them to persecute & hate us WTF
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    Tacticool PD's in Mraps, they may be able to get into the city but when that well place shot disables it are they gonna sit tight or run? they cant carry ALL that ammo they have stored in there..... just sayin....
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    In my area, and my parents area 150 miles away from me, there is a growing number of meth addicts claiming to be "constitutionalists" and "sovereign citizens" as arguments to not have to follow the law or respect LEOs. When my brother went through police training, "constitutionalist" was often used to refer to a very different demographic than many of us here would use that term for. They used that term because that's the term that demographic was using to identify themselves.

    I am not familiar with the Spokane area and I don't know anything about this particular deputy. I can't speak up for this exact instance. But I know there is a group of people prone to drug abuse/addiction, violence, and detachment from reality that are coopting terms many of us would normally take pride in.

    Though I have never been a LEO, if I were one, I would want an MRAP when dealing with some of these lunatics. They can be nearly impossible to reason with when they are lost in their drug influenced paranoia and holed up with an arsenal. I had to deal with some of them when I was working out on the Olympic Peninsula. The LEOs I regularly interacted with were very concerned about them.

    I am also concerned about them. Not just as dangerous individuals, but how they tend to be very loud individuals that can turn people hostile to terms they don't fully understand. Because of these lunatics, I do not casually identify myself as a Constitutionalist. If anyone here were to get into a serious discussion with me, it would be quickly apparent that yes, I am a Constitutionalist. But many people don't really understand what that means, partially due to the meddling of the drug culture. (yes, we can blame sensationalist media as well, but I'm not kicking that dead horse)
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