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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by unionguy, May 1, 2010.

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    Have I missed all the threads in this forum with the same passion and outrage directed at the Wall Streeters who tanked our economy causing trillions of dollars of economic damage, that I see directed against immigrants here unlawfully?

    My theory of life is pretty simple, you only have so much time and energy to direct your anger at. And, I've always thought Bonnie and Clyde had it right: go where the money is.

    So, I focus my time and passion where the damage to our economy and to workers' paychecks is enormous...the thieves from Wall Street (who broke the law too).

    In fact, I just see the others as distractions. We cut welfare back a lot in the 1990's (under Clinton). Has your life gotten better? Has working people's lives gotten better? We were told it would. But, I haven't seen it.

    Now, they tell us that if we stop illegal immigration our lives will get better. Maybe so, but I do KNOW that if we stopped the thievery on Wall Street and the incredible shift OUT of our paychecks and trustafarians dividend checks...our lives would get better very quickly.

    How come I don't see nearly as much anger and passion about this set of criminals? Why aren't we calling for the deportation of these guys?
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    The same reason my PETA friends protest outside fur stores and not biker bars. People who go up against Wall street end up against the wall for real. Criticizing marginalized populations is a safe way for people to vent their anger.
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    Simple racism?

    Wall street types are the "successfull american male"......

    The cry for deportation on illegal immigrants, is sadly just a sympton of a tanked or tanking economy.

    Oregon had ballot measure 9 in the early '90s.

    Germany had the jews in the '30's.

    Personally, i don't want the wallstreeters deported.....

    I would love to dump a really big truck of gravel and hand them all shovels......
  4. Trlsmn

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    I'm all for deporting wall streeters! I think you are on to something Unionguy!
  5. Just Jim

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    Fact is government and unions caused this depression yet I don't hear you calling for them to leave.

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    Altogether now: Kuum-bay-yaaa.

    If you want to get to the bottom of that mess you're going to have to start with the leftists in the DotGov, both past and present.
    Clinton, who appointed Franklin Raines and his cronies to Fannie and Freddie.
    Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Chris Dodd who shouted down the regulators in 2004 with cries of "discrimination" and "racism" with regard to forcing banks to make loans to the unqualified.
    All in the name of "affordable housing" and the "American dream."

    For years banks had a set of standards that qualified buyers. In the expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act, Clinton and his leftist cronies forced them to abandon those standards. They assured the banks that Fannie and Freddie would buy the loans from the banks, mitigating the bank's risk. They were able to do this because they lowered Fannie and Freddie's standards at the same time, encouraging them to participate in the "Subprime Mortgage Market."
    Fannie and Freddie then bundled those loans into "mortgage backed securities" and sold them on the open market to retirement funds, and other investor houses.
    The problem was they were high risk and Fannie and Freddie new it. They were "securities" that weren't secure. They made them attractive however, because if they didn't default, (big if) they would payoff better due too the higher interest rate they charged/offered.
    But the officers at Fannie and Freddie didn't care, because they were getting paid based on volume, rather than quality. Fannie and Freddie were operating on a leverage to capital ratio in the neighborhood of 30:1.
    Franklin Raines and friends were ousted from the GSEs in Dec., 2007 in disgrace, but not before taking millions in salary and bonuses for looting the companies and the taxpayers, and setting the economy on the path to certain destruction.

    Franklin Raines later sat on Obama's campaign advisory panel.

    When Bush's regulator, Armando Falcon, tried to warn the Congressional banking committee in 2004, he was shouted down.

    Of course, since then the "shouters" have laid this all at Bush's feet claiming his admin looked the other way on Wall Street regulation.

    The sad part is the press has been complicit in all this, as it should have made front page news. Instead it has mostly been relegated to the back page of the financial section, you know, that boring part of the news most of you don't read.
    Hey look! American Idol is on AGAIN tonight!

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