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The Heretic

Perhaps, but even odds the oligarchy has done enough already to skew the electoral system to ensure there will never be a Republican majority in Congress or another Republican President. Packing the Supreme Court is the nail in the coffin.

To be clear, the Republican Party is little more than playing the role of the Washington Generals to the Democrat’s Globetrotters anyway.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and I honestly hope I am.

My theory is that the two parties take turns at playing the system, each doing their part to bend us over for a royal buggering.


"KEEP" America Safe? I recall that Admiral Yamamoto said that America could not be invaded because every American had a gun...or words to that effect. Yet, we are being "invaded" from within by a reduction of police authority; the lenient attitude and practice by legislators/prosecutors to either not arrest/charge criminals or release them from prison because of "unfair" bail requirements, overcrowding or "concerns" about Covid. The foxes ARE in the hen house, yet politicians/bleeding hearts/stupid people seem to be on a course to stop "Gun Violence." The Left is using "gun violence" as a term to frighten the masses into thinking that it's the tool that's the problem, focusing on a gun because of how the gun has been glorified by Hollywood, TV, and the Media generally. Watching NBC/CBS/CNN "news" it's easy to see the how the brainwashing continues. The focus is the about minorities being mistreated or shot by the police and never about police officers being shot by anyone. It's more of the adage, "If it bleeds, it leads" in selling newspapers. A Capitol police officer was honored this week by a ceremony in the Rotunda, but don't be fooled by the coverage. Joe Biden used it as a political event to show how "supportive" he and his kind are toward law enforcement. It's all BS folks. Law enforcement itself has become a political shuttlecock, batted back and forth across the net of common sense, freedom, liberty and the safety of the American Public. Crimes are increasing across the world and banning a wrist brace, magazine, gun, etc. isn't going to reduce that. Britain confiscated firearms and the problem now is knives as the tool for murders. Over centuries, man has used sticks, rocks, poisons, ropes, swords, arrows, spears, matchlocks, flintlocks, percussion locks, autos, hammers, bricks, screwdrivers, chainsaws and more as the weapon. So, what's the common issue? People. Bad people who will use any handy tool to commit their crime, so let's stop blaming the tool and revise the criminal justice system. Support the Second Amendment for law abiding citizens and punish law breakers. If our "representatives" weren't so focused on maintaining their own self-imposed status, they could really get important issues resolved. In three years, the Pols will start the election process all over again and the same BS will continue. Yamamoto was right and we need to Never Surrender.

And...The uses of "Democratic" and "Democrat" are different. The former means that the people...Demos...rule with Representatives carrying their desires into legislation. That system is dead in America. All that matters is that political fat cats get into office, stay there and tell the people what what should be made legal. A Democrat is not necessarily democratic and is... in this time...rarely so. The congressional system demands full allegiance in each party to senior the game, don't make waves and swear fealty to the powerful. Democrat is a noun; democratic an "Democratic lawmakers" is an oxymoron. Just saying.....
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Would it be impolite to ask our JoBidenKamalaHarris supporting members how they feel about this one? (for those of us living in an alternate coin a recent phrase)
I think they must have Turbovanned the hell out of here.

Been asking for a couple of months if the naysayers are willing to admit JoHo's lust for disarming us, but they done left the building.

Or they hang out as ALTs and do what alts do.
My theory is that the two parties take turns at playing the system, each doing their part to bend us over for a royal buggering.

They are two sides of the same Statist Coin.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is the material that Good Intentions Paves the Road to Hell with. I would judge that the Statists are the pathfinders though.

Scotus already shut that down in CA which includes Oregon.
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