Dell Mini 10V Netbook With Mac OSX (SOLD)

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    Dell Mini 10v running Mac OSX (10.6.3). Also known as a Hackintosh (Hackintosh Instructions, Hackintosh How To Guides @

    This is not a picture of the actual netbook for sale, but rest assured - mine is in perfect condition.


    I bought it from the original owner who wiped Windows and installed Mac OSX. Very light & compact - perfect for traveling.

    Here are the details:

    Intel 1.67 Ghz Processor
    2 GB of RAM (upgraded from 1 GB)
    160 GB Hard Drive

    I'm pretty sure the original owner said it had the extended life 6-cell battery but who knows.

    I've already removed all of my files from it, so it's ready to go. Obviously, it includes a charger. I've also got a car charger attachment which I never tried. I'll also include a flash drive with Mac OSX (10.6), just in case you need to do a fresh install at some point. Here are the details on how to successfully update it to 10.6.7:

    How to Hackintosh a Dell Mini 10v to OSX 10.6.7

    I've owned two of these and I love them. Great value for the money (small size/no viruses) but the GF got me an iPad for Christmas, so there's no need to keep this anymore.

    Cash: $260 OBO

    Trades (plus or minus cash on either end, depending on the situation):

    - Inexpensive Snub Nose Revolver (.22LR)
    - Beretta 21A (.22 LR)
    - Ruger LCR (.357 Magnum)
    - MagPul AFG (black only)
    - Viking Tactics Light Mount (black only)
    - Surefire 6P or G2 (LED only)
    - Apple Time Capsule (like new or new only, 1 or 2 GB, prefer newest generation)
    - Apple Mac Mini (must have Intel Processor)
    - Adjustable Stock for Mossberg 500/590 (prefer Knoxx Recoil Reducing, but standard ATI version is fine)
    - Pelican Case 1490 (like new or new, prefer black)
    - 30+ inch Flat Panel TV
    - US Palm Defender (AK or Pistol version, like new or new only)
    - Silver (.999% rounds/bars preferred, but I'd also do coins)
    - Ammo (.22 LR,.38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R)
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