Del-Ton AR-15 shooters package

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by t.huynh, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Putting up my Del-Ton AR-15 for sale. Have had it for a couple months and I haven't used it much. Shot maybe ~300 through it since I've had it. Started life with all black MOE furniture, well I got bored of that and replaced the hand-guards and pistol grip with FDE MOE furniture, and a FDE CTR stock. Also upgraded the extractor with the BCM extractor upgrade kit.

    Price 880 FOR EVERYTHING. Not willing to seperate anything at the moment.

    Price includes
    Del-Ton AR-15 Chambered in 5.56 Chrome-Moly barrel.
    5x FDE Magpul P-MAG
    1x Black Magpul P-MAG
    500x Rounds of Federal XM193
    30x rounds Tula .223
    45?x rounds of Silver Bear .223
    1x Primary Arms Micro-dot Link
    1x American Defense Lower 1/3 Aimpoint T1 mount. Link
    1x Daniel Defense A1.5 Fixed Rear-sight Link
    1x ATI carry handle
    1x AR-15 cleaning kit
    1x 5.56 Bore Snake.
    2x NIB kleenbore Phosphor Bronze bore brushes.


    *Has shoulder thing that goes up and takes assault clips* :bluelaugh::laugh::bluelaugh::laugh:
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