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Defensive Carbine 1 - AAR!!!!

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by OFADAN, Jun 6, 2011.


    OFADAN Brownsville, OR Well-Known Member

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    June 4 & 5, 2011 Defensive Carbine Level 1 - After Action Report!

    Well, another successful level one carbine course was completed this week! I think it is safe to say eveyone learned a great deal about themselves, about their gear choices, and some new life saving skills. We noticed many students removing gear off their guns by 1100 on the first day of the class and saying "geez that is waste of money". Also we witnessed parts and pieces flying off of guns and stuff starting to come loose...again, there is NOTHING like training under simulated hostile environment conditions to really learn what works and doesn't work!

    This class is much more than just shooting guns...it is all about really learning how to live with and operate these carbines under simulated "hostile environment" conditions. There is none of this "I'm going to put my carbine down now because I'm tired"...living with guns!

    Here are some of the highlights....

    View attachment 183945
    Here students are learning in the classroom how to work inside an enclosed structure while living with their carbines...no we didn't put the carbines on a rifle rack so it is easier and more comfortable for them to sit in the classroom and take notes...everyone had their carbine with them!

    Can't get your defensive stance right? Well at OFA we have a really fun and unique way to assess immedately if you're stance is working for you or not. And unlike going elsewhere it doesn't cost you an extra $20 to find out! Got you curious now don't we?

    Before students went into the shoot house for a live fire run through the simulator they need to master the technique of how to pie the corner while minimizing themselves (making themselves smaller) to take the shot...we use rope and sticks to teach this point.


    Nathan Roads and Don Scheer from Next Generation Arms along with Wild Bill's Gun Shop, and our friends at Leupold are mighty gracious to OFA in order to allow us to have one of their Carbines available for students to try before they buy. This carbine is in Flat Dark Earth...the forearm has multiple shades of colors as an experient to see how the various colors contrast and blend. Thanks guys for your great work on these wonderful defensive weapons! :thumbup: BTW Wild Bills only has one 168 SPC Next Gen left in inventory and then no more!


    Finally on Sunday, everyone was invited up to co-owner Rick Benson's home which resides at OFA for a BBQ Lunch prepared by Rick's family for OFA students (an OFA tradition). Where else can you go and be treated to a geniune Pacific North Wet Red Neck BBQ and walk 50 yards back down to the campus to train?

    July class is full...call Vivian at the OFA office if you want in a Level 1 carbine course and we'll schedule another if there is enough demand. Let's pray we can schedule a Level 2 later this fall!

  2. MikeE

    MikeE Portland Well-Known Member

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    level 2!

    OFADAN Brownsville, OR Well-Known Member

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    Working on it! It takes an act of congress to make it happen! But it is certainly worth it!