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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by svg4, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. svg4

    svg4 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I just sold some brass. I just realized some of it has primers. Can I safely decap with my press. The buyer does not want to pay hazzard material charge.
  2. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    most likely the press will set some of them off if not all.

    You could put a drop of thin oil in the cases stand them up on end and all them to sit a while that would deactivate the primers. Then they would need to be cleaned out of course. Soapy water would also work and would be easier to make sure they were clean using hot water as a rinse.
  3. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    There is no hazmat fee when shipping primed brass.
  4. Charger

    Charger Oregun City Area Member

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    You can put the primed brass in your gun point it in a safe direction and pull the trigger.
    They are loud so you should have your ears on.
  5. Capn Jack

    Capn Jack Wet-Stern Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I have had to de-cap brass on several occasions over the years and have yet to have a primer discharge.

    A couple of times I have even crushed one when it got caught cock-eyed in the cup as it was being seated. I do wear safety glasses when reloading, gloves and a face shield when casting, but as far as the accidental detonating of a primer. IMHO I think the potential for danger is much over rated.

    Time spent worrying isn't time spent doing.:paranoid::paranoid::paranoid:

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  6. the4thshake

    the4thshake Portland Active Member

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    I have removed live primers plenty of times without ever setting one off. Most of the time I am even able to salvage the primer.
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  7. Inspector

    Inspector Washington State Member

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    Not true. It's perfectly safe to decap live primers. I'd wear safety glasses as a precaution. I always wear them when reloading anyway.

    Primers require a very fast impact to discharge.

    I have decapped thousands of live primers over the years. I've never had an issue. That said, I don't go slamming the handle on the press either...
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  8. ogre

    ogre Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    +1 :thumbup:
  9. CLT65

    CLT65 Yamhill County Active Member

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    I've decapped hundreds of live primers over the years as well. I think only twice have I ever had them go off - both times heavily crimped WWII military brass. No harm done, just a pop.

    If the primers aren't crimped I think the odds of one going off are extremely remote, but if they are crimped just wear eye protection and don't have open powder containers or bulk primers setting under your press. :)
  10. AMProducts

    AMProducts Maple Valley, WA Jerk, Ammo Manufacturer Silver Supporter

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    I've had primers go off during decapping, yea it's a rarity, but it does happen. Depending on your machine and other factors really determines how dangerous a job this is.

    However, MarkAd already posted the real answer... ship 'em.

    Bulk primers are classed by DOT 1.1 detonating explosives
    Ammunition is classed ORM-D "hazardous consumer commodities"
    Blank ammunition does not fall under a hazard class, and as a consequence this applies also to primed brass, you can ship it USPS flat-rate. At one company I consult for (who makes movie blanks) they typically ship USPS flat rate, or 2-day air depending on how soon the customer needs the product.
  11. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Like most others here, I've never had a problem decapping live primers. If there is no hazmat issue, I'd ship 'em, too.
    But after having issues with primed brass and primers bought 2nd hand, I'd decap them once I received them.
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