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    Not really a great section for this thread, so I'll put it here.

    So I bought a sporterized 1903 a while back and have been trying desperately to resurrect it. One of the main issues is that in order to achieve a "good" trigger pull, someone ground the cocking piece. Sadly, they also ground on the old "Portland, Ore" marked Dayton Traister trigger. I could have bought a new timney or DT trigger from Brownells easily enough, but since I was born and raised here, I desperately wanted to keep the Oregon marked part. So I removed the ground on part and welded it up and reshaped it.

    Upon reinstalling it, I snapped the leg off the spring that gives the part tension. I sent Dayton Traister an email on a Saturday hoping they would sell me just the spring. Frankly, its all to often that companies refuse to sell any trigger parts separately because of liability. But low and behold, I received an email back on the same day not only willing to send me the part, but also doing it for free. And in today's mail, two new springs showed up.

    I have nothing against Timney, Jard, Jewell, Rifle Basix, or any other trigger manufacturer. I have used most all of themat one point or another in builds, either customers or my own. But customer service like this makes me think twice next time I buy anything other than a Dayton Traister. Kudos to them.
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