Davis Industries Derringer, 4 Barrels (Model D-22/.22LR,1 black,1chrome) D-32/.32cal, DM22/.22Mag

Anyone seen any of these around? I see the derringer is around $100~120 depending on condition & chambering.
This has the (Model D-22/.22LR,1 black,1chrome) D-32/.32cal, DM22/.22Mag barrels and a bunch of inserts for the firing pin and a Black & Chrome barrel release latch for the weapon.
It has wood grips in really nice condition. It's never been fired from what I'm able to see. The 22 mag barrel is mounted at the moment. The other 3 barrels are still unused in plastic wrappers.
It 'appears' that you fire once and the top barrel fires. Re-cock it and the bottom barrel fires. It even has a push-button safety.
It is kinda cute though. I thought it rather unique in firing the top barrel 1st & a re-cock fired the 2nd (lower) barrel. Can't say as I've ever seen anything like it before. Hard to say what the whole package is worth, more so with the three other barrels and the new inserts for the firing pins.


IMG_7299.JPG IMG_7301.JPG
If they were made of steel I would say go for it. But these are made of pot metal. They are kind of a fun range toy. But if they are shot much they break in one of three places.
The hinge pin the barrel rotates on.
The barrel latch.
or the rotating firing pin. Good Luck DR

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