David Workman (No, not our dave Workman)

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    YAKIMA, Wash. -- A felon with a lengthy criminal record was sentenced to more than four years in prison Wednesday for injuring a bail bondsman during an altercation at a Yakima motel.

    Scott E. Eytchison, 41, of Yakima was sentenced to 51 months in prison for his plea to a charge of vehicular assault. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dismissed charges of second-degree assault and hit-and-run.

    Police said Eytchison injured All Pro bail bondsman Scott Brooker during an altercation on March 22 in the parking lot of the Knights Inn motel, 818 N. First St.

    Brooker was trying to detain Eytchison for skipping bail when Eytchison backed a car into Brooker, who jumped onto the trunk and then fell to the ground when Eytchison sped off, police said.

    Under state sentencing guidelines, Eytchison (Originally quoted -they changed it) AKA David Workman faced a range of 51-68 months. His plea deal called for a sentence at the low end of the range.

    A sixth-grade dropout, he has a lengthy criminal record that includes multiple convictions for burglary, robbery, car theft and possession of stolen property.

    I did a complete triple take until I realized that OUR Dave Workman neither resides in Yakima nor is 28 y/o.

    But it was awful. I bet Dave has a hold on his NICS checks for a while because of this asshat.

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    A lengthy criminal record, but only gets 51 months, proly less.....

    I have been going about this the wrong d@mn way.... I need to quite being a good citizen, go on a crime spree and have some fun....

    If I get caught, I go to a place that proly has better cooking than my wifes, a no cost gym, FREE cable tv, and I can get unemployment the entire time I am locked away.....
    What is wrong with that picture?!?!?

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