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National David Hogg suggests compromise on gun control

User 1234

How about no, if you want to amend the constitution to eliminate the 2A then you must follow the nearly impossible process to do so. You can’t take it away by calling it a compromise. Or how about this, I demand that the unconstitutional gun control laws be erased entirely, but I will compromise and let you keep a law which bans violent felons from possessing firearms for ten years following their last conviction. Deal?
I guess it's possible he's a gun expert now. Lord knows I became a geology expert when I got hit in the head with a rock while out climbing. I survived, man! :rolleyes:

I'm loving some of these suggestions.

> Raising the age for all gun purchases to 21

Adult age citizens have protected rights. That current age is 18. But, you know, I'd be more than happy to move the legal adult age to 21. Maybe by then you'll have some sense, David?

> A limit of one firearm purchase per month

'Cause eff you collectors, that's why!

> A ban on all online firearm and ammo sales or transfers

Kid has only ever been in a world with the internet. Doesn't know about phone order goodies or catalogs.

Here's a compromise, oh tiny tyrant: I'll consider your world views and grant you the benefit of the doubt, but only after you have 1) Paid your own way for at least 5 years and 2) Have begun a family and have lived it for at least 1 year. We're all idiots when young, some more so than others. Here's hoping you gain some wisdom as your brain finishes developing.


Let me think on it some.............................
Naw, I don't think so Lil Buddy!
Bless Yer Heart!

How bout this; I take away your Microphone, your Cell Phone, and your Hair Jell and you STFU and grow a Pair while joining up with Uncle Sams Club for way ward boys and gurls, specifically the U.S.M.C, See, that's compromise.


Sadly a lot of gun owners will jump on the wagon with him. He is just a useful idiot looking for his lost 15 minutes he got but, this has been the idea all my life. Throw out bans, then pretend like they are willing to "compromise" with gun owners. Sadly a large portion or gun owners fall in line over and over again and never want to see what they are doing to themselves:s0054:.


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