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Well, that was kinda disturbing...

Just underscoring your point that this guy Chipman is a psychotic freak and in all likelihood entirely unstable and phuq'd in the head.
Last Edited:
This guy has zero chance of getting the gig. He screwed the pooch worse than skater Beto's: "Hell yes, we're going to take away your AR-15".

The more concerning question is the next guy/gal that they parade in going to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Tame on the surface, but as much of a political ideologue nutjob activist as this turd.
Setting aside the funny that the ATF is a clown car of fatties, the idea that they're actually paying attention to the ATF and wanting them to meet military standards means our jobs as aging citizens focused on protecting personal rights over tyranny gets a little bit harder. Even if the military has relaxed their standards of the years, they still have standards.


"Locked and unloaded behind the cans of tuna"... Wow.

This SOB is setting an adversarial tone right from the start.

How is this in the public interest, Mr. "President for all Americans"?
The proposed Director of the ATF telling people to store their guns where their kids look for a snack... I think we have identified the first actual zombie.
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