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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by bgdawgrr, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Was rotating stuff in my GHB and was wondering- what would cause Datex water packs to expire?
    They are not in plastic, but have a 5 year shelf life. Why would sealed water go bad? Am I missing something?
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    I'm guessing one of two things: 1) foil packaging will start to fail over time, allowing nasties in or allowing leaks to happen, so five years is just prudent not to find yourself caught short, or 2) maybe there's the risk of some nasties in the water when it was packaged and after five years, they may grow into something.

    But, just guessing.

    My philosophy on rotation: I only need this stuff when things are at their most dire, so do I really want to risk not having it available/work for whatever reason? These items' availability to me is supposed to mean one less thing I have to worry about, not one more thing I have to worry about. YMMV, and all that.
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    Personally, even a Datrex vendor, I wouldn't recommend the water packets for storage. Much cheaper solutions are available. Remember, Datrex' main market is lifeboats, where there is no othger source of potable water.

    But to answer the question, it' smore a matter of the integrity of the packaging. Both for catastrophic failures like leaks, and for the taste of the water having something from the packaging leach into the water.
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    While I do not know the answer to the question, I will offer my suggestion,

    I buy bottle water becasue my local water is just nasty, so I rotate out my bottle water every couple of months out of my GHB if it lasts that long in there, my GHB is also my day hike bag, so I usually after to replenish items used after every hike or two

    I carry extra bottle water in because I almost always come across some bone head who is not smart enough to carry water and sometimes if I see a person is about to keel over I give them one, I feel like it does them good to see how stupid they are before giving any up, in a shtf scenario, they are own their own.

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