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Here's what the DNR District Manager said about our cleanup...


That is amazing write up about some amazing work. It is great to see what a few motivated individuals can pull together and make great things happen. I can’t thank you and Pat enough for this work. It is a blessing that has been needed for a while to keep these areas open and usable for the target shooting community. In the past I have had other smaller clean up events, but nothing that compares to this well-organized and well-executed clean up event. Thank you again, for not only this work, but your continued efforts across Washington and Oregon to help keep our lands clean and target shooting opportunities available. Have a great week!


Mark Arneson

Clear Lake District Manager
Northwest Region
Washington Department of Natural Resources

This is why we work with forest management agencies. So they know there are people who care about our places to shoot and are willing to put forth some effort to help keep them open.

Pat, @HighlandLofts , now has a contact he can work with and continue to keep shooting places open (because Pat is always cleaning up other peoples shooting trash!).

Hope you feel good about what you did, Pat! I'm sure we all appreciate it! I certainly do!


I had a pleasant talk with Mark Arneson on Friday. He is the DRN manager south of the Skagit River. He gave me the northern DNR'S information and contact number for cleaning up the Cowboy Camp pit (Mud Creek Pit).

I have to see the scheduling for when we can set a date up to do a clean up at that pit. .
This clean up had a lot of unfortunate twist for all of us. But we got the two Suaittle River Road pits cleaned. We didn't get to do the fun shoot because of the rain.
We will host that at the Cowboy Camp Pit clean up here shortly.

Last year on July 18th I put together a clean up at the 435th Ave pit. We had eight people show up.
I figured we would have about the same amount of people again this year.
I put this clean up on this forum and on HuntWa forum, WaGun forum and on The Highroad forum.
I joined and Cogs posted it on his website.
Scuffly from HuntWa forum posted the clean up on Facebook "Darrington Reader Board" and he made flyers for the clean up and we hung them out at several places.
He lives close to the 435th Ave pit and he took a ride over to the Suaittle River Road pits and suggested we clean them up instead.
So we switched gears and made the Suaittle River Road pits the priority for the clean up.
They really needed to be cleaned.

With the money I raised by selling brass and donations came to $500. I spent $100 at Harbor Freight for five more clean up magnets, a hitch pit for the 2 inch reciever on the truck and a big aluminum scoop shovel. I bought food for the BBQ but we didn't get to use it because of the extended drive to go dump the trash.
Caveman Jim and wife went to the store and bought burgers & hotdogs to cook up for the people.
The burgers, hotdogs & sausages I bought I put in the freezer for the next big pit clean up.
When I raised the fund for the 435th Ave pit clean up $250 would of covered up the trash there.

But switching from 435th Ave to the Suaittle River Road pits changed a lot of things.
I met scuffy a week before the big clean up at the 435th Ave pit. On the way out we loaded my small truck with a big cut up fiberglass boat some one left along the side of the road.
I paid $47 to dump that load.

The Suaittle River Road pits we loaded up the two dump trailers on Friday. I knew I didn't have enough cash to pay the dumping fees.
We got some donations from the clean up crew, I had the $250 from what I raised and I had some extra personal cash that I added to the kitty.
Scuffy offered to put the dump fee on his card and I could square up with him afterwards.
The Saturday morning dump fee was $1,000.
I gave him $400 cash and owed him another $600. The sunday morning dump run was $201. I paid that dump fee so we were still $600 short.
Pablo from WaGun Forum stepped up and donated $634 to cover the extra dump fee.
WaGun moderators offered some cash for the dump fees but they were already taken care of.

After doing this big clean up I see where we need to have to assign people do some task to make it run smoother.
A big
To everyone involved in this clean up. It would not of been possible with each and every one of you.
Pacwest Defense
Cerberus Training Group
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