Darn Just had to be an election Year Stand your ground Law

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by DMax, May 9, 2012.

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    Even if it had passed, I would not have fallowed that law. If someone is gonna do me harm (cause me great pain/injury or death) I will use the appropriate level of force, including deadly force if needed to defend myself, my family, or friend(s). Just because it is a law it does not mean I have to fallow it if it is not a fair law. If they make it legal to have black people as slaves again I will not fallow that law and get myself a slave or two just because I can.
    They just wanna distract people and scare them because they know there are a lot of sheep out there who will do as they are told. You see how things are with the economy, health, education, and all they do is talk about gay marriages and keep you distracted.

    As far as I know here in Oregon, we don't really have a stand your ground law/castle doctrine (in public not inside your home, correct me if I am wrong)... so if I can tuck my tail between my legs, cluck like a chicken and run away I will. If I am cornered or I can't get away for whatever reason I will stand my ground and do what I have to do. I am a big guy, I am overweight, I have a bad back, and I have bad knees.... so for me to just turn around and run away, that might not be an option depending on the situation... if I turn around to run, and run the risk of getting shot in the back, I am gonna stand my ground and fight (using the appropriate level of force).

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