Daniel Defense Torture Test

Oh certainly, the DDM4 is indeed quite durable as well. Larry commented on a thread over on M4C, and some of the tests were performed multiple times in order to get all the shots.

Guys the promo torture test video are actually excerpts from my upcoming TV show on the torture test- the clips you see are pieced together from the filming; believe it or not to get the different angles we needed for filming the tests were usually done more than once ( like shot twice with birdshot, ran over 4 times with the jeep, etc.) - the explosion was only done once however for obvious reasons!

The show will have better continuity however as I also noted bits and pieces that don't fit together on the promo video - we were all very impressed with the DDM4 but even more so with the T1 - particularly since the gun always tilted so the optic hit first from any significant fall


Be safe

I'm going to resist the urge to respond at length to the AK comment... suffice it to say I don't see how an AK could have fared better ;)
I've personally seen many an AR take quite a bit of abuse...including handling over charged reloads, run over, had one dept. AR fall from a helicopter I was in and it was quite a bit over 100 feet. Have seen them run so many rounds that the bolt was pushing the dirt/grime out with every round fired. So overall I don't think the DD M4 is anymore special than any other well made AR.

I still don't think anyone should go cheap though. If it's made right, it'll run...its a machine, it doesn't have a choice. And they'll take a lot of abuse, they were engineered to do so.

Most video's like the one I posted, mostly impress the uninformed. Its a marketing ploy, nothing more.
Pretty impressive torture test compared to others I've seen. I'm even more surprised the aimpoint stayed functioning and held zero as long as it did.
does anyone know what kind of flash supressor that in on the rifle? Never seen one that has those little doors that open on the first shot.
Standard A2 flash hider wrapped with duct tape

If they wanted to get even more convincing they should be running some "lesser" brand ARs though the test with it although it wouldn't be great for sales if the others made it through as well.
Cool video, but nothing amazing. After all, military firearms are designed to hold up in harsh environments. I will say that a ak would hold up better because it's made out of steel and not aluminum. Not bashing the ar ( I have many and actually perfer the ar platform) but it's still a cool video. Thanks for posting wichaka.


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