WTS/WTT WA Daniel Defense M4v5 300 blk package + ammo.

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bakersman345, Apr 15, 2016.

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    I have a Daniel Defense m4v5 in 300 blk with...
    * 2 mags
    * factory hard case
    * ladder rail covers
    * sling
    * Daniel Defense vertical grip
    * troy di sights
    * sight mark ultra dual shot pro. (red dot/laser combo)
    * about 400 rounds of ammo.
    (4 boxes hpr ammo 110gr
    1 box hornady match ammo
    2 boxes 50rd fiocchi 150gr
    4 boxes rouge defense 125gr Sierra hp match
    4 boxes Remington premier match 125gr
    30rds loose ammo.)
    ____________________________________________the 300blk uses the all the same parts as a 556 ar including the mag. The only diffrence is the barrel. Daniel Defense uses cold hammer forged barrels chrome lined and have a deep coating on them. You can clearly see and feel that they make a top
    Notch product. The 300 blk super sonic gives you balistics similar to 7.62x39, subsonic ammo is great for running suppressed and also packs a hell of a punch.
    - when 300 blk first came out the rounds were rather expensive now you can find cheap plinking ammo for much much less.
    CASH $1600
    TRADE $ 2400 (new cost of the package)

    I'll sell just the rifle for. $1300
    Trades --- NO 40S&W, Shotguns, or bolt guns unless It's a killer deal for me. :)
    *1911- I'd absolutely love to have a 9mm 45 is fine also.
    *noveske 556
    * tavor
    *the cheaper scar
    *Springfield m1a
    *glock 34,17,19,43
    * other 9mm pistols
    * inexpensive snubby
    * ptr-91
    * ptr- 32
    * sks (your tapco stuff does not add value sorry)
    *gift cards @ 90% value ($100=$90 value)
    * silver or gold at spot price.
    * maybe a car or truck :)
    ---- makes offers-------

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