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This is a rifle I know I will regret parting with later. For those who aren't familair this is the semi-auto version of the current-issue K-2 ROK military battle rifle. The South Koreans did it right as they created a hybrid incorporating about every superior design of that time - the rotating lug bolt and carrier the m-16, the piston system of the AK-47, adjustable gas port of the FAL, hinged upper/lower, trigger group and mag well design of the AR, the list goes on but for those looking at piston-drive AR, consider the fact the ROK had these running 30 years ago. This rifle is in EXCELLENT 99% condition, has had less than 50 rds fired down range a sharp bore very light grey original parkerizing. These were only imported for a few years. Thanks for looking. Please call or email me with any questions or trade offers.


206 920 3223

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