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Excellent Condition. Round Count at 300. Comes with installed: StormWerks Optics Rail, ACE Receiver Block w/ Sling attachment, Ace pistol Grip, HDPS Push button Steel hinge, Original Manual, Original stock, Aimpoint Laser, Remote Laser Pressure Pad.

Little background, uses AR15 magazines, AR15 firing controls, AK style piston system, this platform has seen ~30 years of service and testing with the Korean military, google Daewoo K2 rifle.

Cash Price $850. (Try getting an AR style piston variant for less)

Trade Interests:
Midlength Lightweight Pencil Barreled AR15
Springfield M1A or AR in 308
ACOG TA11 or TA33
HK P2000
S&W Night Guard Revolver

Seattle FTF

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View attachment 197041
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That looks like the standard StormWerkz scope mount. It's the same one I have. If you were closer... This is a pretty good deal. These are sweet shooting rifles.
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