Dads Demand Action: No More Ignorance

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by rufus, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. rufus

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    Well, a guy can dream cant he? Unfortunately, we are stuck with the nannies of the world spewing their propaganda that is aimed at our second amendment rights:


    I think I'm gonna hurl...
  2. simon99

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    Weird.....all the women in my life from grandmothers, aunts, nieces, wife, mother all carry a weapon on a daily basis to protect their family.....

    maybe they should just decide not to have children as they obviously don't have the courage to protect them.
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  3. Swedish K

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    we need more guns, ammo, and better prices/availability on both.
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  4. ZA_Survivalist

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    That video is distasteful and dare I say disgusting.
    Wow, walking right over the graves of those dead children to further their political ideology and disarmament.

    December 14th is my birthday, so Im going to go out and train (shoot) like I do every year.. and then come home and clean my firearms, after that Ill have my fill of beer or hard alcohol whilst I watch band of brothers, at which point my woman should be home,
    ..from there my real present gets to be unwrapped..
    And by that I mean the spam can of ammo she purchased me and told me to wait to open until my Bday.
    .. Wish there was a surprise second present.. But I think Ill have to pump my own shotgun that night. Haha.

    But I digress, this video isn't right. I hope they (MDA) are prepared to get a ton of hate mail for producing this.
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  5. BigStick

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    Where do they get the 26 school shootings since then number? I certainly haven't heard of that many. All I found when I searched was this page There Have Been More Mass Shootings Since Newtown Than You've Heard About (INFOGRAPHIC) which lists 16 "Mass shootings". They define mass shootings as 4 or more (other than the shooter) and then count the shooter in the total of 4 at least once, and several of the instances are drug deals gone bad. They can't even get their facts on the same page straight.

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