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    CZ factory Poster set of 6 posters!.
    CZ75B, FREE Kadet Kit Poster (Has 4 small pin holes), All Pistols 2009, And

    CZ75 P-01/PCR otherwise known as the CZ75 D Compact poster.
    Click Here:
    Also the new for 2010:
    The CZ Shooting Team (Europe)Awesome ********* Poster!
    Plus the original "All Pistols" poster that shows most CZ models.

    Now $50 Shipped/insured.
    Look at them here:
    75B, CZ83, CZ100, Kadet and (most) All CZs! NEW Poster for 2010!

    CZ75 P-07 Duty 9mm magazine.
    Fresh from the box.

    Free CZ-USA decal and CZUB pin, P-07 duty key ring.

    $43 shipped. ( add $2 for GP)

    CZ 2075 RAMI Grips!
    These are Bethlehem Olive Wood grips for the RAMI 9mm/.40
    pistols, by custom grip maker Omega.
    I'm getting a RAMI P, or I'd keep these wooden grips.
    Used for pics only.
    Ask for more pics.
    $55 shipped.

    Marschal Custom Grips- Micro Desert Eagle
    Wooden grips from Hungary, that are simply exquisite!
    should fit both the nickel and blued models of the MRE/ZVI
    KEVIN .380 pistol.
    Ask for more pics.
    $50 Shipped/Insured.
    High Noon's Speedy Spanky paddle holster in natural horsehide for the RAMI.
    Will probably fit RAMI P as well.

    $80 plus shipping. Ask for more pics.

    HN holster called the NEED FOR SPEED in black horsehide. Used it very little last winter. Have a new holster I like better. This has some wear showing but it is the rough out look as the horsehide holster is smooth inside. Superb HIGH NOON HOLSTER quality at a huge discount, and no waiting period of months for them to craft you one. This holster sells for over $100 on the HN website. This should fit the RAMI, RAMI P and RAMI BD. in both 9mm and .40 calibers. I'll include the BIANCHI Clip Grip magazine pouch that holds 2 CZ75 sized mags back to back. Will not guarantee any other mags to fit. You will not find this offered anywhere else.
    $85 Shipping will be $8 period. I can put some black dye/polish on this holster before sending it if you wish. Contact me with any questions. (NO Firearm included in this auction) FREE CZ-USA pin, Decal and CZUB pin.
    Blade-Tech magazine/tactical light combo pouch.
    Fits double stack 9mm.357/40 mags like the 75B or SP-01.
    Will fit the P-07 duty with tension screw adjustment.
    NO Light or mag included. Thanks.
    $45 shipped/insured

    ASK for more pics.

    A NEW Custom built badge by Blackington.
    (The best badge company in the business)
    Security Officer.
    7 point star design with State of Oregon center seal.

    Nickle rho-glo finish.
    Superb badge without the custom wait!
    $70 shipped

    TAPCO AR-15 Carbine length
    INTRAFUSE tactical rail.
    Used it for a week before my back-ordered MI rail arrived.
    One tiny mark where the D R-ing slips on. Otherwise perfect.

    Ask about my other items for sale.
    CZ Magazine collection..,. the reading kind. $45 plus shipping.

    CZ and CZ-USA Catalog collection. $30 Plus shipping.

    Large collection of SWAT, Guns Weapons for LE. GUNS& AMMO, Shooting Times, ect. $60 Plus shipping.
    Ask for more pics.
    I accept money orders .
    No sales of over ten-shot magazines to restricted areas.
    Want more pics and have questions?


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    Are the RAMI grips still there lol
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    What's the capacity on the P-07 Duty 9mm magazine? If 15 or 16, I'll take it.

    Ah, didn't realize someone brought this thread back from the dead. Disregard is this is long gone.
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    Yes, but I will listing some more Gunstuffs in 2017.

    I refuse to send out anything during the Holidays.

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