This is my first post, my apologies if I've missed something. Thinning my collection a bit, need to make room for a new bass guitar. :)

2006 Model CZ75 BD. De-cocker model, no manual safety. 9mm of course. Has had a couple thousand rounds through it. Slight marks here and there from normal use. Includes 2 stock magazines and case.

Face to face transactions only, buyer will need to either present a valid CCW or submit to a background check. I can be available during the weekends, almost any time given some notice.

This has been a solid gun, just have too many. Seems to not like plain jane Remington 9mm ball ammo but eats everything else up. Please excuse the shoddy iphone photos.

new price: $325 OBO - gotta pay off that bass guitar!, otherwise taking to Gun Broker this weekend for a paltry $285

Update: I've had a ton of interest at the lower price. Have a buyer lined up for tomorrow and another if that falls through.Will close thread promptly on sale of firearm.

Thank you all!
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