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    I moved to idaho from massachusetts not to long ago. And from looking up the laws it is possible to get a cwl at 19. I open carry every day. but sometimes it brings forth unwanted attention. I'm in idaho falls and jefferson and bonneville counties said they will not issue me a license unless I'm in the service. I guess my question here is does anyone know of a county preferably in eastern idaho where the sheriff is a pro 2a guy and would be more likely to issue me a license. I have the ability to open carry so the cwl isn't a major deal but id prefer to conceal instead of open carry.
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    Idaho Concealed Carry Permit Information

    Issuing Authority:
    The issuing authority is the county Sheriff. You apply to a county sheriff for a permit.

    Out Of State Permit Issue:
    Idaho does issue permits to non-residents.

    NICS/Background Check:

    Permit Valid For:
    Permits issued before July 1, 2006, are valid for four years from the date of issue. Permits issued on or after July 1, 2006, are valid for five years from the date of issue.

    Permit Issued Timeline:
    The sheriff must issue the permit within ninety days of the filing of an application by a person, over 21, who is not disqualified from possessing or receiving a firearm under state or federal law.

    New – The basic license fee is $20.00, but the Sheriff shall require fingerprinting for an initial license, in which case an additional fee may be charged.
    Renewal – $15 (Reported to be $30 Bingham County)

    1. 21 years of age
    1. Not formally charged with a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year; adjudicated guilty in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one (1) year;
    2. Not a fugitive from justice;
    3. Not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, or narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance; currently suffering or has been adjudicated as mentally ill, gravely disabled or otherwise incapacitated or lacking mental capacity;
    4. Not dishonorably discharged from armed forces;
    5. Not an illegal alien or if a U.S. citizen, has renounced their citizenship;
    6. Not the subject of a withheld judgment for a crime prohibiting a carry license; or released pending trial, appeal or sentencing for a crime prohibiting a carry license;
    7.Not the subject to a protection order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking or threatening an intimate partner of the person or child of the intimate partner or person; or
    8. has not been adjudicated guilty of or received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence for one or more crimes of violence constituting
    a misdemeanor, unless three years has elapsed since disposition or pardon has

    Required Documents:
    1. Application form – The license application shall be in triplicate, in a form to be prescribed by the director of the Idaho state police, and shall ask the name, address, personal description and signature, date of birth, military status, and driver’s license number or state identification card number. Listing one’s social security number is optional.
    2. Proof of training – You must demonstrate familiarity with the firearm. Usually, one of the following courses is required:
    a. A hunter education or hunter safety course approved by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game or a similar agency of another state;
    b. A National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course or any National Rifle Association hunter education course;
    c. A firearms safety or training course or class offered by a law enforcement agency, community college, college, university, or private or public school or firearms training school. You may wish to utilize instructors certified by the National Rifle Association or the Idaho State Police;
    d. A law enforcement firearms safety or training course or class offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, law enforcement agencies or security enforcement agencies.

    A county sheriff may grant you a permit without completing one of the courses if:
    a. You present evidence of equivalent experience with a firearm through your participation in an organized shooting competition or military service; or
    b. You are licensed or have been licensed to carry a firearm in Idaho or an Idaho county or city, unless the license has been revoked for cause.

    Renewal Information:
    The renewal in Kootenai County is $25.00

    Change of Name or Address:

    Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Permits:

    Informing Law Enforcement of Carry:

    Automobile carry:
    With a permit, you may carry concealed inside your automibile. Without a permit, you can carry located in plain view or disassembled or unloaded.

    Places off-limits when carrying:
    1. Courthouse
    2. Juvenile detention facility
    3. Adult correctional facility
    4. Prison
    5. Jail
    6. Public school or private school

    If you have any doubt, you should contact the government entity prior to carrying a weapon onto its premises.

    Alcohol and Drugs:
    A concealed weapon, even with a permit, cannot be carried while one is intoxicated.

    Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
    Idaho is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.

    Open Carry:
    Unrestricted in most public areas and generally accepted.

    Localities with Varying Laws:

    Forms & Links:
    State of Idaho: Concealed Permit FAQ
    NRA-ILA: Idaho Gun Laws
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    had you read the actual law you would have seen this.
    (11) The sheriff of a county may issue a license to carry a concealed weapon to those individuals between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty-one (21) years who in the judgment of the sheriff warrant the issuance of the license to carry a concealed weapon. Such issuance shall be subject to limitations which the issuing authority deems appropriate. Licenses issued to individuals between the ages of eighteen (18) and twenty- one (21) years shall be easily distinguishable from regular licenses.
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    You are correct. I hope you get it.

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