CVA SxS 12-gauge Muzzleloading Shotgun and Accessories

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    I finally got someone else in my family to get interested in shooting, and it was my daughter shooting with the 4H junior club. It was great until she wanted to get deeper into position shooting and wanted me to do it with her. Then I found out how much really good position rifles cost, so now I have to generate some funds. I originally bought this beautiful shotgun to shoot with my father-in-law who was into muzzleloaders of all kinds. Time has marched on and he has lost both ability and interest in shooting so I don't have anyone to shoot this with anymore. That means this one needs to go to someone that will use it.

    This is not a cheapo CVA like a lot of the company's muzzleloading rifles are now. This is a very ornate gun with engraving on both sideplates, both hammers, tag, and triggerguard. It's in great condition inside and out. I never even used real black powder in it, only Triple Seven, and cleaned it as soon as we were done shooting just to be safe anyway. It has double triggers that are individually adjustable and points like a dream. It was a little short for my length of pull (I usually go for 14.5"+ LOP) and I was worried about the wood buttstock getting dinged so I got a leather lace-up buttpad for it (see last gun picture). It also comes with a loading ramrod, a cleaning ramrod, and a full set of overshot cards, overpowder cards, and wads, as well as some shot cups that I used for steel shot for western WA pheasant hunting. All you need to add it shot, powder, and caps and you're ready to go.

    Here are pictures of the gun, as well as the ramrods and other accessories. Click on each picture to see a much bigger version of it.

    The price on this one is $400, which includes everything pictured. This is not considered a firearm by the federal government so residents from any state can purchase it.

    Please email me at jason(at) or call/text me at 425-737-2229 between 10:00am and 8:00pm for more info. Thanks for looking!
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