Custom Walther PPQ 9mm set up for usage with a Trijicon RMR

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    I've got what I believe is the only Walther PPQ 9mm custom milled for usage with a Trijicon RMR for sale. THIS SALE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE RMR SHOWN IN THE PICTURES BELOW....ONLY THE PPQ AND IT'S ACCESSORIES LISTED.

    Work was done by Mark Housel formerly of Suarez International's Technical Services Division and currently with L & M Precision Gunworks. He has a great reputation when it comes to this sort of work.

    Due to the PPQ having a rather narrow slide Mark devised a mounting plate that enables the mounting screws on the RMR to be fully engaged. An extra set of RMR mounting screws will be included with the sale.

    This gun can be used with any model Trijicon RMR as they all share the same screw mounting pattern.

    The gun itself has about 400 rounds through it. Comes with all the original, 2 magazines, 3 backstraps (Large, Medium, Small) as well as test target, trigger lock and magazine loader. Gun is in perfect condition other then a little of the plastic around the hole at the base of the grip (you remove the pin here to change out backstraps) has been deformed a little due to me being impatient and trying to remove it without using having the proper size punch. I tried to capture it in the picture below.

    I'm selling it because I just don't have much time to shoot anymore and need to fund other projects. I've got about $925 into this gun ($550 for the gun and $375 for the custom work) and am setting the price at $650.

    Looking for FTF sales mainly (between Portland and Salem) but would be willing to ship at buyers expense.

    anyone interested please email me at You can send a PM here as well but my work blocks this website so my email is the surest way to reach me.

    Picture posting seems to be giving me troubles on this site but if you follow the below link you'll find a photo album with pictures of the PPQ with and without the RMR attached. As I said before this sale does NOT include the RMR.

    Custom PPQ for Sale pictures by chicano11 - Photobucket
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