WTS WA Custom Ruger 77/22

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    Comes as pictured $750.00
    1991 Ruger 77/22 All Weather Stainless
    Polished Receiver and Bottom Metal to a mirrored finish.
    Polished bolt handle and bolt that has been nicely jeweled.
    Green Mountain .920 18 Inch fluted Stainless Barrel with muzzle thread
    1/2 x 28 TPI With thread protector that is semi polished.
    Volquartsen Laminated Sporter Stock that is brown in color.
    Titanium extended Magazine release.
    Ruger Stainless scope rings.
    Two Ruger 10 round Magazines one is new and unused.
    Trigger is super crisp 1 pound 7.2 ounces as checked by
    Lyman digital trigger pull scale.
    Good shooter
    Shot Several 5 shot groups at a hundred you could cover with a quarter
    with Lapua SK Standard.
    BSA 6-24x40 Mil-Dot Is included along with any other things I have for this rifle.

    Got my eye on something else so this has to go.

    27046492791_f11990e984_k.jpg 20160328_153957 by y2krc46, on Flickr

    27046489701_2d2a11d5a9_k.jpg 20160328_153930 by y2krc46, on Flickr

    26509302334_373632dc3d_k.jpg 20160328_153947 by y2krc46, on Flickr

    27046485421_1e6b537c17_k.jpg 20160328_153911 by y2krc46, on Flickr
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    Super sweet

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