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    Sale of this gun as a 'whole' firearm was unsuccessful,
    and therefore it is now offered as individual components.
    Everything is as new, in excellent condition and less
    than a year old (except the Receiver with serial # beginning with 255).

    All the prices listed are well below the actual cost of these
    items when purchased and are firm.

    Sorry no trades at this time as I am raising funds for a Sig 522.

    * Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Bull Barrel with 32 hole comp. $ 300.00

    * Revolution 'Tundra' (Purple Passion) Stock $ 150.00

    * Bushnell 3 - 9x40 Scope $ 60.00

    * Soft Case for scoped rifle $ 15.00

    * Ruger 10/22 Receiver sold with 'stock' all metal Trigger Group,
    polished (chrome ?? ) slide & Urethane Buffer $ 200.00


    * Ruger 10/22 Receiver sold with all metal Trigger Group containing
    Volquartsen components and Hornby adjustable trigger with polished
    (chrome ?? ) slide & Urethane Buffer $ 250.00.

    Receiver must be sold to Oregon Resident F.T.F. with ID and willing to sign Bill of Sale.

    I'll keep this post 'current', so if the item is listed, you can assume that it has not been sold .

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    Contact me here, or at
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