Custom Mausers with Leupolds in .257 Roberts and 6mmRem $450-550

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    Hi, I need to sell of a couple rifles to pay for a toy I just got so I guess these are for sale !

    - .257 Roberts on a Interarms Mark X commercial Mauser action (I bought the action brand new in the box for $300 by itself!), and I still have the box! New Adams & Bennet 21" F14 contour Barrel that has been hot blued, Richards Microfit Maple stock with rosewood tip and cap, Bold trigger with side safety, Redfield one-piece steel scope mount with older Leupold rings and a Leupold Vari-X II 3x9 scope that just came back from a tune-up at Leupold. Limbsaver recoil pad by Jack West. I have only fired mabe 10 rounds through this gun to check function since the build was complete, but I have another .257 that I aquired in the meantime with alot of sentimental value so my custom deer gun is on the block! I have way more money in this than I can ever get back, and honestly the stock could use a little attention to make it perfect because it was the first one I had done ( you can still see sanding marks if you look in the right place) it is a Linseed oil (or "true-oil") type finish so another coat is always fine, it's plenty useable as-is and I doubt I could even get the sanding marks to show up in a picture if I tried, you have to hold the gun just right and in the direct sunlight.

    What I have into the gun:

    action= $300


    barrel mounting & bluing=$125

    stock =$114


    recoil pad & install=$40

    used scope & mounts$150

    Thats $871 without counting any stock finish, sandpaper, or time, and that Richards stock took alot of all 3 ! I bet I spent $50 in gas as well because the gunsmith is 35 miles away (3 round trips) and Jack West who installed the recoil pad is 50 miles away (2 round trips) I never knew I had that much into this thing......Oh well !
    Gun and scope= $550

    Next gun - 6mm rem on a Brno action (I think, it's under the scope base now!) with a nice jewled bolt, great checkered knob, nice steel hinged floorplate (commercial style), Bold trigger with side safety, and a 26" semi-heavy barrel that came off a Remington 40x target rifle( set back and re-threaded), all set in an amazing piece of quilted Maple. The stock is kind of '60s style with a big palm swell, high cheek piece, flat forearm,and a glossy finish. but it looks and feels good. The gun has a Steel one piece Leupold scope mount with Leupold rings and a Leupold VX-1 3x9x40 scope. I never re-blued this gun so the barrel is glossy blue, and the action still has the not-so-great military finish on it, but it's fine for a varminter or you could re-blue it all to match if it bugged you. $450

    I cant get pictures to load and I don't text but email me and I can send you pictures back or please call 503-703-2874 for more info
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