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Custom Made SUV Rifle Vault

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by coopone, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. coopone

    coopone Beaverton Active Member

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    I have a custom made SUV Rifle Vault for sale.
    Vault has tan auto carpet on top, sides and back. It was wood trim on bottom edges and around front frame.

    This is a two drawer vault with a lock and key for each drawer. One drawer is lined with tan carpet and the other drawer has 3" of foam for a sniper rifle. This can be changed if need be.

    This is a heavy duty vault. The drawers pull almost all the way out. And they can hold a lot of weight while pulled out.
    I had 2 ammo cans with 1,500 rounds, 2 rifles, 20 magazines, 5 boxes of shotgun ammo and 5 bricks of .22 ammo in it and still no problem being pulled out all the way and not sagging.

    This thing is awesome. Not made with MDF like the other ones out there for twice the money. Carpeting gives it that false floor look for those who like to peek in to cars.

    Perfect to store firearms in and give you that warm cozy feeling on the way back from the range or hunting. Easy to stop by the grocery store for the wife or stop for a bite at the restaurant on the way home.

    Perfect to store SHTF items in long term. For those who want to be prepped full time.

    This was made for my rig. My company is making a new one for me.

    $750 cash or part trade. Interested in AR15's/9mm pistols/.22cal AR type rifles, .556 magpul mags, Magpul UBR stocks, .556/.223/9mm ammo and other things if you have something in mind.

    The exterior frame of the vault is 1 1/8 plywood top, bottom, sides and middle divider.
    Frame Dimensions: 47 1/4" Long x 48 1/2" Wide x 10 1/2" tall

    The drawers are made of 3/4" plywood.
    Drawer Interior Dimensions: 44 5/8" Long x 20 5/8" Wide x 6 1/2" Deep

    Thank you for your time and stay safe!

    (Rifles and Ammo not included ofcourse)

  2. rupey7

    rupey7 Pacific Northwest Active Member

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    Nice setup, that would certainly make things easier and less worrysome. You can be my first responder anytime:)
  3. beavernation

    beavernation Canby Active Member

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    Didn't you build this yourself a few months back?.....nice work!.....Do you own a company who is producing these?.....What is the weight of this unit?......
  4. Guymcdb

    Guymcdb Vancouver Wa Active Member

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    That's pretty BA!
  5. SheepDog223

    SheepDog223 Salem Well-Known Member

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    It would be kinda nice if a guy could get the rifle out from inside without having to open up the rear hatch.
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  6. shadow4868

    shadow4868 SLO Kalifornia Member

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    Good question SheepDog223!!!
  7. coopone

    coopone Beaverton Active Member

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    @beavernation, I am in the process of starting a company. Hopefully have website and business license in February. This is the first design I made. Since we're making a new one I don't need this one anymore. And in February I will have paid the owner of this website my vendor fees for the year so I can advertise on here. This unit weighs around 180lbs. You won't get far trying to run off with this vault by yourself. I can move it in and out of my rig with a couple saw horses.

    @sheepdog, that's the nice thing about my company. We custom make them to however you want them. The only problem with opening from the top is that it gives a smash and grabber an opportunity to get in to the vault without attracting attention. Gives him more time to work from the inside.

    A smash and grabber doesn't have time to smash window, unlock doors, pop open back gate and pull out his prybar, or hacksaw. And even if they did have a hacksaw and prybar it's going to take them more than 5 minutes to get in. Especially if they don't have a prybar. Good luck trying to saw through 1 1/8" plywood with a hacksaw. But we can make it any way you want it.

    We're even looking at installing cheap alarms for locking the doors and notifying vehicle owner with a pager alarm system. That way if the alarm is triggered the doors won't even unlock from the inside. Then your chance of getting it to that vault is like 0..Your best chance is a little time and gaining access to the front of the vault by opening the SUV's back gate.
  8. coopone

    coopone Beaverton Active Member

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    This was built to fit in the back of my Nissan Armada. It will fit in a suburban.