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Discussion in 'Edged Weapon Classifieds' started by Twodogs, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Twodogs

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    This knife was made for me by Gary Little of Broadbent Or. 10yrs ago and has sat in the safe ever sense.
    The blade is 5" long and I believe it's what Gary called ballbearing steel, Handle is white micarta the sheath is custom made by Kenny Rowe of Arkansas.
    The sheath is Left handed great if you wear a handgun or just dont like your rifle stock getting beat on all day.
    Asking $200.00 cash FTF in se portlnd. Offer trades if you like.
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  2. Mark W.

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    I spent 14 years as a Custom Knifemaker and a member of the Knifemakers guild for 3 and I can atest to the the fact that Gary Little is an outstanding knifemaker. His work would be of the highest caliber. Plus he's personally a NICE guy.
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