Custom Desktop Computer and Accessories FOR Cash, gold, silver, firearm

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    I will sell all for $450 cash or 1/4oz gold or 15oz silver or 9mm/380 pistol or 9mm/380 ammo. Combination offers are accepted (some cash and gun, some silver and cash etc...)

    Computer is located in Vancouver, WA but I can deliver to the Portland Metro area. I AM AN OREGON RESIDENT, so only OR firearm offers please.

    Photo link at the end.

    Here's the basics for those who don't want to read forever:

    -AMD 64bit Dual Core with 4GB Ram, 1.5TB Hard Drive, DVD Burner, WiFi, Firewire, HMDI
    -22 inch Full HD 1080p Monitor
    -Keyboard and Mouse
    -Game controller
    -Linksys WRT Route
    -Random extras I have lying around, cables etc...

    For those who want to read everything:

    Homebuilt PC:
    -Cooler Master Mid-tower with ASUS Quiet Power Supply

    -MSI 880GM-E35 Motherboard Socket AM3 (can upgrade to 6 core Phenom)
    --Able to unlock cores
    --Currently running 4GB DDR3
    --Onboard Radeon graphics with HDMI, DVI and VGA output
    --Currently running ATI Radeon 5570 GPU with 1GB DDR3 with HDMI, DVI, VGA output
    --7.1 Channel Audio Output
    -8 USB Ports
    -Firewire 800 Installed
    -ASUS 802.11n Dual Band Card WIFI

    -AMD 4400e 64bit Processor
    --Dual Core
    --2.7GHz, can overclock to 3.3GHz
    --2MB L2 Cache
    --Hypertransport v3.1 runing at 3.2GHz

    -Western Digital 500GB Green Hard Drive (still under warranty)
    -Samsung 1TB Hard Drive (still under warranty)

    -Samsung BX2231 22inch monitor
    --LED Backlight (runs cool not hot)
    --2 HDMI inputs AND VGA input (can hook up your XBOX etc...)
    --Very thin and energy efficient

    -Logitech Keyboard
    -Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse
    -HP Mouse
    -Logitech Gamepad (so you can play SNES roms etc...)
    -Linksys WRT54G WIFI router with DD-WRT

    Basic Photos of the computer, pardon the lighting, quick photo.

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