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I have had several different barrels for various pistols over the years, Jarvis, Storm Lake, Bo Mar...recently I put an extended and ported EFK barrel in 357 Sig for my P226. It took very little time to fit it, just had to take a little off the hood area and it dropped in nice and tight. Took it to the range in Albany and put it through it's paces. The barrel it replaced was the factory Sig barrel, and all Sig barrels are match barrels...that's one of the reasons they shoot so well. It's every bit as accurate and with the ports, mush easier to control. It shoots great. EFK barrels are stainless steel, and they clean up very easily. I just thought you should here about them, they are out there for almost every make and model. Mine ran me about $180.00, much less that any other maker, and in stock for delivery. If your looking for a new barrel with more control and match accuracy, think about EFK's. You can get a barrel this week, not 4 to 6 months from now. Good shooting, Gary

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