Custom AR-15, great SHTF rifle! $800: Includes a bunch of stuff!

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by thegewehrguy, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. thegewehrguy

    Olympia, WA

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    Located in Lacey, I will meet halfway within western WA depending on distance

    My name is David,, or 360-359-0322 (Please leave a voice mail or text me). Price is negotiable. I will consider trades of any kind, but I would prefer an AK-47 variant along with $200-400 cash, depending on what type of AK it is.

    The lower receiver is an Aero Precision AP-15, made in Tacoma, WA!

    The upper receiver is made by Wiltec Industries, which makes aerospace parts for our military as well as upper receivers apparently. The whole completed upper receiver was put together by my LGS (J&S Guns).

    The fit and finish of the two receivers are very good, better than most franken-AR's I have seen, there is a slight overlap in some places, but it does not hurt function at all, and its barely noticeable. The finish is extremely close. There is currently an accu-wedge in place.

    The barrel is made by Black Hole Weaponry in Moses Lake, it is a high quality, 1 in 8 inch twist, 416 stainless steel H-BAR barrel that is blackened, and has 3 groove Poly rifling, which is more accurate and has a slight increase in velocity. It also stays cleaner I believe. This barrel is practically made for a SHTF scenario!

    The lower parts kit is made by DPMS, I installed it myself without marring up the receiver at all.

    It includes 2 hand guard options, a number railed one, and normal plastic hand guards (UTG high-quality heat shielded). You get both hand guards.

    The rifle has been broken in, with somewhere between 800-1000 rounds put through it. I have never had a single jam when using brass ammo. I have only experienced one FTF, but that was probably because I did a pansy pull-back on the charging handle and I didn't pull it back far enough.

    The accuracy is superb, I hold rougly 2 inch groups at 100 yards from a bench rest WITH open sights, with a scope I know it will do at least MOA accuracy, when I bought it the GS guaranteed MOA accuracy.

    I have religiously maintained this rifle, cleaning the barrel after EVERY use, and occasionally cleaning the gas tube area with cotton swabs.

    This rifle has been around since 1/2011, so it is not very old.

    What's included:
    • Custom AR-15 rifle
    • 1 Extra handguard option
    • 1 Allen tactical rifle case w/ magazine pouches
    • 3 magazines (1 Magpul and 2 GI surplus w/ new anti-tilt followers)
    • 1 Hoppes Viper Bore Snake (Works great!!)
    • 1 Bipod/sling adapter

    NO felons or those who can not own firearms legally!!! I will refuse to sell to you!

    Public meeting places only, but not extremely public because AR-15's tend to scare the public lol. Cabela's would be perfect.






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