Custom 338 mag on a Pre-64 Action

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    This is the the rifle I thought I would keep forever and hand down, but I HAVE to sell it.

    It wasn't built by me, I bought it from a widow of the owner. It came from AK, and as such it is a 100% no nonsense hunting rifle. That is a joy to carry because of the shorter barrel and quick to point. Not to mention it hammers elk.

    The recipe as I was told from the widow.
    Pre-64 Action
    21" Douglas BBL with front sight band
    Kevlar Stock (Brown Precision)
    Talley Bases and QD Rings

    I do have a bunch of ammo that I will work with the buyer on.

    I don't shoot it much anymore from the bench because of arthritis in my shoulder, but it shoots under a inch with several off the shelf ammo. I have never hand loaded for it so I never realized its true potential.
    When I bought it I took off the williams receiver peep sight, and cannot find it now.
    Also there is a hair line crack in the wrist area. I don't think it is structural and have been hunting with it for years the way it is. I was told that the Brown Precision stocks will crack if left out in the sun. IDK, but it still works.

    I am asking $1,000 OBO for the rifle and rings.






    Pic of the Wrist

    I am having serious second thoughts about this one.
    The ammo I have is
    9rds 225gr Fed Fusion
    14rds 225gr SP Hornady Heavy Mag
    20rds 250gr Partition Federal High Energy
    29rds 210gr Partition Federal Premium

    I will ship on the buyers dime and since the UPS hub is a 2hr drive away, it will ship as soon as possible.

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