30" Krieger #17 HV 1-10 twist,HS PST036 Pro-Series M24 Vertical Grip Varmint Tactical stock,Farrell 20 Moa Base,
Remington action,trued-built by strictlyRUM
I shot a 4 shot .66" group with the 208 Amax at 200 yds.
many hits at 1450 and 1660 yds.on 10" plate and milk jugs
93 gr. of H-1000 3250 FPS.
comes with (427)208 Amax bullets and around 100 fired brass,
round count is 173 No hot loads, I load tested from 90-94 gr.
no rings or scope,$1575 Shipped and insured

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the date is wrong on photo

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