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    Last Friday, September 30, 2011, I picked up my Savage in .257 Weatherby. I bought a light weight 24" .25-06 barrel from Midway and had the smith charmber it, flute it and install a fantastic brake. He removed fourteen ounces with the fluting. It used to be a .223 that was very accurate but I wanted a .257 Wea 'cause I didn't want to fire my Mark V .257. I advertized it as being fired 211 times so I couldn't fire it anymore in good conscience. Since the z5 didn't arive I found a good deal on a Bushnell 4200 4-16X40. I put it in some Burris Signature "Z" insert rings on Weaver bases and went to the range with a box of ammo the Mark V liked: Wea brass, Fed 215, IMR7828@72.0 grains. In the Mark V 26" barrel this produced 3,704 feet per second checked on two chorographs.

    While the barrel cooled I went down and measured the first group. The first three shots made a group at 100 yards of 11/16". Great start. When the barrel cooled I fired three more and measured the group. Again it was 11/16", but the bolt was a little sticky on the up lift. I went home and pulled the rest of the loads and loaded some at 71.0 grains.

    Back at the range I fired three again and the group was 13/16". I moved the crosshair to the right four clicks and up fifteen clicks and the group moved like it is supose to. That is not the normal for me. I fired three more to verify and it was there. The three shots were about 2" above the "X" like the other three so I called it good. The velocity averaged 3,695. I was ready for the next day's deer opener.

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