Custom 11-87 Remington

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    This is an 11-87 Sportsman that currently sports an 18 1/2" Police barrel that has been professionally threaded for a screw in choke. Includes ever so useful Carlson breaching "choke" and a modified choke. 1100 Competition all metal trigger assy with extended bolt release , extended button head safety. Works well as a skeet gun or home defense gun. Point of aim for slugs is at 70 yards and will maintain a 3 inch grouping with slugs even without a rifled choke. Feeds and fires everything including low brass. A Barrel seal activator is included for super weak ammo but Ive never had to use it. It feeds and fires better than any auto loader Ive ever used. Mesa tactical sock is included as well as the original buttstock which was removed the first day. 2 shot Remington extension and barrel clamp included. Box, papers etc. $800 in the Dalles.

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