Crossbreed Modular ICE Holster System - A Video Demonstration

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    I became interested in this concealed carry holster system some time ago and finally picked this one up from the Crossbreed website about a month ago. I paid about $90 for this entire system including shipping. You can order many various combinations of the gear for many various different pistols. My package included the ICE velcro belly band belt, a customized holster for my beloved CZ 2075 RAMI, and one custom fit magazine holder. You can add or omit any component to the package to suit your concealed carry needs. It took about two weeks from the time I ordered the holster system until it arrived at my door step.

    The elastic band/belt is extremely versatile in that you can carry your weapon at many various locations on your person, depending on your preference. In my video that I link here, I demonstrate my appendix carry position, however, I also like to carry my pistol with this system up higher under my left arm pit for a right handed cross draw configuration. The belly band is ordered to size but it's elasticity allows for a lot of versatility in both body shape, size and preferred carry position. When you attach the customized pistol holster to the band/belt, you can adjust the cant of the weapon to your preferred angle. The carry components attach to the band/belt system via a velcro system, with the hook portion (hard, scratchy) on the carry components and the softer loop portion on the band/belt, which lends to more comfort when wearing the band/belt. You can't see it in the video but the belt also has a horizontal pocket that is the width of the belt and about 6" long and has a velcro closure. This pocket can easily and securely store money, credit cards, a wallet, phone, handcuffs a knife or whatever you feel like you can't leave behind.

    Here is a link to their website: CrossBreed® Holsters > Home (

    It took some practice learning how to properly apply and assemble this Crossbreed set up for a comfortable daily carry but once you find what suits you best, it becomes a quick and easy process. As you can see in the video, it leaves very little print in a hooded sweatshirt even for a somewhat heavier, bulkier pistol like the CZ 2075 RAMI (at least as compared to my S&W Shield). Note that I also have the spare mag on my person as well. This concealed carry system works particularly well for a person like myself who practically lives in sweat pants, gym shorts or athletic type attire.

    One of the biggest draw backs on almost all "belly band" systems is the difficulty experienced when trying to re-holster your firearm once you've drawn it. The customized holsters designed to work with this belly band completely eliminate that problem. Drawing and re-holstering the weapon is achieved simply and safely with this set up.

    I wanted to give this system at least a month of trial use before I reviewed it, to ensure that I would discover any significant draw backs or be able to note the positive aspects that I would find as well. My conclusion is that I would highly recommend this system to anyone in situations that require deep carry, or don't always find themselves wearing attire with a belt. This system is extremely comfortable to wear, even when seated, such as in a car for extended lengths of time. My opinion is that money spent on this concealed carry system will be money well spent.

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