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Sometimes shooting for "fun" can build the skills a person may need for defense.

Papa Pockets used to stop on our way back from town and he would let me shoot the Coca-Cola can that he emptied on the drive back to Castello di Tasche vuote. The can shooting activity was always similar, but the environment would change... sometimes it was in the rain, the sun or in the snow...sometimes in the bright sun or lit dimly by the headlights of the vehicle.

I assumed it was for fun, but maybe he was actually trying to teach me something. If either, or both...I have to think that the impromptu range training was a positive thing.

I hope you enjoy your range sessions, and that they never just become training.
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What constitutes a "good shot" using a subcompact centerfire pistol?

Have only been shooting with any regularity for 6 mos, but am reliably at the range 1-2 times/wk.

I got to the point where I can hit a 2" circle at 50ft about 6% of the time, without regard to the other shots. Normally about 40-60 rounds an outing.

What is a good benchmark for 50ft using stock sights?
Is a concealed build gun the same as a subcompact centerfire pistol?
Good point. I figured surely there's someone else dumb enough to try for accuracy at a distance with a subcompact. I have a 50 ft constraint, and prefer the glock that I've got so am trying to make the best of it. On the other hand it does not appear to be big among the drills that are out there.
I'd suggest avoiding the shot at 50' with a 3" snub-nose of any kind. Get closer or get away.
I'd suggest avoiding the shot at 50' with a 3" snub-nose of any kind. Get closer or get away.
Great point. Mainly building confidence at this stage. You can't make believe that you're being ambushed, but you can shoot for accuracy so many times that it's second nature.

I get all 10 within 12" square, several much tighter, warmed-up. I figure the "warmed-up" phase may translate into a viable, real life mode as time goes by.

I tried using a rimfire .22 ruger pistol but am more natural, and about as accurate, with the glock. So I'm mainly going with that.

IMG_8316.jpeg IMG_8315.jpeg
I'd venture to say 50% of an A zone (4" ?) @ 25m which is well within what alot of blasters will get you out of a jam. Shootability, ergonomics, mindset & skills will dictate. Figure loosing 50% accuracy once the adrenaline dump hits.

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